How did Silverback Sunglasses start?

Sadly, we don't have a cool story to tell you. Our only reason for starting Silverback, is that it makes the most sense in this life to spend time with the people you love, in the places you love and doing what you love. We love sunglasses. We couldn't be prouder to show you how much.

When did Silverback Sunglasses start?

When time and money finally allowed, Silverback was started in January 2016 and after a year of planning and testing, finally opened for business in December 2016.

Where are Silverback Sunglasses made?

Silverback Sunglasses and accessories are manufactured internationally.

Where are Silverback Sunglasses distributed from?

Silverback Sunglasses are distributed from our fulfilment partner based in the United Kingdom. 

Do Silverback Sunglasses meet the required regulatory standards?

Yes! Silverback Sunglasses are compliant with European and USA directives. Our products comply with European Directive 89/686 EEC;96/58/EC in accordance with standard EN ISO 12312-1:2013. Silverback Sunglasses also confirms to the AS/NZS 1067:203; ANSIZ80.3:2010 requirements. The Silverback Sunglasses lenses are CE - certified and offer some of the best UV and anti-glare protection available. 

Our Lenses are TAC polarized UV400. Our core frames are a custom made polycarbonate, which means our frames are lightweight, strong and durable.

  • 100 UV Protection
  • Glare reduction
  • Polarized

All materials are extensively tested.

Can I use PayPal to order Silverback Sunglasses?

We accept multiple payment sources, including PayPal, and our interactive payment portal on the website. If you have any problems with payments please email info@silverbacksunglasses.com and we will help you complete your order.

What if the product I want isn't available?

If the product you choose is currently unavailable, you will be notified at check out with the option to go onto a pre-order basis. As soon as the product is available we will ship to you on a priority basis.

How do I care for Silverback sunglasses? 

Silverback Sunglasses recommend that you use the products provided to maintain your sunglasses, they have been custom designed to work without damaging the product.

How much is Shipping?

Multiple orders will be grouped into one shipment where possible. For estimated delivery times, prices and shipping zones we can ship to, please see the below:-

  • UK Domestic - Free
  • Isle of Man - Free
  • Ireland - Free
  • Channel Islands - £5.00
  • Asia - £5.00
  • Australia - £5.00
  • Canada - £5.00
  • Caribbean - £5.00
  • China - £5.00
  • Eastern Europe - £5.00
  • New Zealand - £5.00
  • Nordic countries - £5.00
  • Norway - £5.00
  • South Africa - £5.00
  • Thailand - £5.00
  • UAE - £5.00
  • US - £5.00
  • Western Europe (ex – Nordic) - £5.00

Estimated delivery time for all is currently 1-7 days

How do I track my order?

You order should be with you within 7 days but if not, please drop us a line and we'll find out whats up.

    What should I do if my order is lost?

    If you order has not been received within 14 days of ordering and no back-order notification has been received, please contact Silverback Sunglasses via email with your order details to info@silverbacksunglasses.com.

      How is VAT / Tax treated?

      Non-refundable and paid for prior to shipping included in the purchase price. 


        If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions, please email us at info@silverbacksunglasses.com.

        Registered Office

        Silverback Sunglasses Limited of Valley View, Rue De La Falaise, St Martin, GUERNSEY, GY4 6UN, registration number 62393